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From casual situationships to quiet-quitting your job, when did it become cool not to try?
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As Gloria Steinem wrote, 'Self esteem isn't everything; it's just that there's nothing without it.' My best advice on building yours, plus the books…
Practical tips for showing up & maintaining your bond.

February 2023

Pretend commutes, morning strolls & AirPodestrians. Plus, is 10,000 actually a magic number?
See also: the WhatsApp 'last seen' feature. Plus, advice & resources to make social media more, well, sociable.
Do you love – or hate – Valentine's Day? (Comments on)It's not you, it's Valentine's Day. I’ve been asked by multiple outlets this week, including Vogue Scandinavia and Cosmopolitan – to comment on …
Does it matter how you meet your partner (plus, is your relationship doomed if it started on an app)?
I'm calling time on hygge.

January 2023

Moderation is cool, kids. Plus, why I regret criticising my ex's drinking habits.